SM-A325F U2 To Downgrade U1 Repair IMEI File Only 65 MB By[]

SM-A325F U2 To Downgrade U1 Repair IMEI File Only 65 MB By[]


SM-A325F U2 Downgrade To U1,

SM-A325F U2 Repair IMEI,

SM-A325F U2 Downgrade File,

Friends This File 100% Tested ,


Lets Start Solution 


1- Unlock Bootloader

2- On OEM And ADB

3- Open Mobile Back Cover And Find Test Point From HERE 

4- Open Unlocktool Go To MTK Section

5- Load SM-A325F U2 To U1 Downgrade File And Click Flash 

6-Connect Mobile With Tested Pointt

7- Flash Done 

8- Mobile Logo Loop But Don’t Worry

9- Again Open Unlock Tool Load Now 65 MB Root File And Flash With Test Point

10- If Flash Done Put Mobile Recovery Mod And Factory Formate

11- If On Mobile Fist Of All On OEM 

12- Repair IMEI And Patch With z3X


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SM-A325F U2 To U1 Repair IMEI Firmware 


A325F U2 To Downgrade U1

1.Ensure Your Device Bootloader Status is Unlocked

2.Before Proceeding with Next Operation Make Your Make a Personal Copy of Your Mobile Super.img [Back it Up]

3.Write the Downgrade Firmware with any Compatible MTK Test point Flasher Tool [UnlockTool is Recommended]

4.Write the Root.tar Firmware via Test point as well

5.Reassemble and Reboot Device

6.Downgrade and Root Complete

7.Welcome Back to Bit 1


For More Tested Solution Visit This Page

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