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Mediatek Universal Tool V5 offers an expansive result to remove Screen cinches and FRP. It’s packed with a range of options. This program is specifically designed to give druggies an easy way to remove and bypass available safety measures that are present on Mediatek bias. With options for both the main and ADB tabs,

druggies can anticipate a royal and effective FRP as well as Screen cinch elimination. The latest version of MediaTek Universal Tool V5 for 2024. In this article, we explore the enhanced features of the tool, focusing on its ability to provide free FRP (Factory Reset Protection) and screen lock removal for an improved user experience.

Download Mediatek Universal Tool V5 2024
Download Mediatek Universal Tool V5 2024

Download Mediatek Universal Tool V5 Latest Version

Mediatek Universal Tool V5 is an extremely important program that provides an array of options for screen cinch and FRP junking. The main tab contains the options for AHTH bypass, safe formatting, deleting FRP, unleashing Bootloaders, and numerous further. The ADB tab permits information reading as well as plant reset FRP cinch junking and cinch junking of patterns. This is a must-have tool for Mediatek device possessors who are looking for fast and effective results.

What Is Mediatek Universal Tool V5

Mediatek Universal Tool V5 is a multi-faceted software operation that comes with numerous useful options. The Main Tab contains choices for Auth Bypass, Factory Reset, FRP Erasing, Bootloader Unlocking, rally junking, and Preloader Dumping. ADB Tab ADB Tab offers functions for Read Information FRP, the Mi account junking, via dial enable, and Pattern Cinch junking.

Features MediaTek Universal Tool V5:


AUTH Bypass
Format Data / Factory Reset
Safe Format (MISC)
Safe Format (Para)
Erase FRP
Erase FRP Samsung
Erase Mi Account
Unlock Bootloader
Relock Bootloader
Unlock Permanent
Remove Demo (VIVO)
Remove Demo (OPPO)
Erase NV
Read NV (Oppo Realme VIVO)
Dump Preloader
Read Boot+VBMeta


Read information
Factory Reset / Wipe (NoEncrypted)
Remove FRP Lock Method 1
Remove FRP Lock Metod 2
Remove Mi Account
Disable Mi Account
Relock Fix Mi Account
Remove Samsung Account
Factory Reset Xiaomi (Sideload Mode)
Reboot phone
Oppo/Realme OTA Update
Enable Diag
Remove Pattern Lock (ROOT)

Download Mediatek Universal Tool V5 2024 Version

What’s New in MediaTek Universal Tool V5 2024?

Intuitive User Interface

The 2024 version of MediaTek Universal Tool V5 boasts an intuitive user interface, ensuring both novice and experienced users can navigate the tool effortlessly. The streamlined design enhances the overall user experience.

Free FRP Removal

Factory Reset Protection can be a hindrance, but MediaTek Universal Tool V5 2024 addresses this by offering free FRP removal. Users can now bypass FRP locks without any cost, providing a hassle-free experience.

Screen Lock Removal

Unlocking your device from various screen locks is now easier with MediaTek Universal Tool V5 2024. Whether it’s a Leg, pattern, or word, the tool provides a free result for removing screen cinches, giving druggies full control of their bias.

Enhanced Device Compatibility

The tool is designed to support a wide range of MediaTek-powered bias, icing comity with both new and aged models. Users can confidently use the tool on various devices without compatibility concerns.

Faster Unlocking Process

Time is of the essence, and MediaTek Universal Tool V5 2024 prioritizes efficiency. The tool optimizes the unlocking process, delivering faster results and minimizing wait times for users.


MediaTek Universal Tool V5 2024 emerges as a powerful and user-friendly solution for FRP and screen lock removal on MediaTek devices. With its intuitive interface, free unlocking features, and enhanced device compatibility, users can confidently manage their MediaTek devices. MediaTek device with ease using MediaTek Universal Tool V5 2024. Download the rearmost interpretation now and witness a flawless FRP and screen cinch junking process.

(FAQs) MediaTek Universal Tool

Is MediaTek Universal Tool V5 2024 free to download?

Yes, the tool is available for free download on the official website.

Does the tool support all MediaTek devices?

The tool is designed to support a wide range of MediaTek devices. Check the official compatibility list for specific models.

Is data loss expected during the FRP or screen lock removal process?

The tool is designed to perform unlocking without data loss, but users should always back up important data before proceeding.

Is the tool compatible with Windows and Mac?

Currently, MediaTek Universal Tool V5 2024 is compatible with Windows. Mac compatibility may be addressed in future releases.

How often is MediaTek Universal Tool updated?

The tool is regularly streamlined to ensure comity with the rearmost MediaTek bias and to introduce new features and advancements.

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