Miracle Power Tool V1.09

Miracle Power Tool V1.09 (Login Edition) (17th October 2022)By[www.testedfirmwares.com]


Miracle Power Tool is a free ultimate unlocking tool that supports MTK, Qualcomm, UNiSOC (SPD), powered, and Samsung Android phones and helps users to FRP Bypass, Flash firmware, Factory reset, Pattern Pin password unlock Format Emmc, UFS, etc, and many more. Also, it is able to Unlock, Relock the Bootloader and Unlock mi cloud, for free. If you want to experience premium mobile repair software without a box and dongle for free then download Miracle Power Tool’s Latest version and follow our instructions to fix the phone.


  • Run the Miracle Power Tool as an Administrator
  • Now you will get the below-listed option


  • Add Program || Add Patch
  • Remove FRP Lock
  • Info || Backup || Write
  • Format Userdata
  • Reset FRP
  • Safe Format
  • Disable MI Cloud
  • Xiaomi Boot Unlock
  • Boot Patch
  • Execute
  • QCN Tool
  • Multi-SIM
  • Send SPC
  • Read || Write
  • Convert QCN to ENG QCN
  • Security Tool EDL
  • Read Security [EDL]
  • Execute


Meta Utils
  • Read Info
  • Factory Reset
  • Format EMMC
  • UFS Format


BROM Utils
  • Read info
  • Format
  • Format (Safe)
  • FRP Reset
  • BL. Relock
  • BL. Unlock
  • Perm. Unlock
  • Enter Diag New
  • Enter Diag Old
  • Read Info
  • Factory Reset
  • Samsung
  • Tools
  • Select Model Number
  • On the Mobile, Tap on Emergency Call
  • Dial 8#0*#
  • The Test Mode will appear, Connect your phone to the PC
  • Click on Reset FRP
  • Now Power Off your Android Phone
  • Put it into the EDL, VCOM, Preloader, Flash, Meta, and Test mode
  • Connect your phone to the PC
  • Choose the function you want to use on the Miracle Power tool
  • That’s it.


Miracle Power Tool v1.09 Released (17th Oct 2022) Everyone Needs Power
Miracle Power Tool
Everyone Needs Power Version 1.09
⚜️ Miracle Login Edition
⚜️ Miracle Key Edition
⚜️ Miracle Thunder Key Edition
What’s New :
Add Huawei ID Reset Universal
Supported Models :
Huawei 8x
Huawei Nova 8
Huawei Nova 9
Huawei Nova 9se
and many other models
Update Firehose Programmer Database
Add Xiaomi Sideload Format Userdata
Add Xiaomi Sideload Find Firmware
It opens the firmware download page for your model
You can choose which firmware need to download
Improve Hi-speed Port Switching
Improve Xiaomi Dual IMEI Repair
Improved MTP Frp Function
  1. First, you need to download the zip file from the below link
  2. Next, you can unzip all files at c: drive it’s very important
  3. Next, open the folder from which you have to extract all files
  4. Run the “Miracle Power Tool


Next wait a few seconds now again one screen is open on there you need to enter login details if you have miracle users then enter the login details which you can log in miracle box, if you have new users then contact a reseller and buy a license or log in.


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