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MTK META Utility V43

MTK META Utility V43 – All MTK META Utility Tool 2022 By[www.testedfirmwares.com]


MTK META Utility V43 Free Download All MTK META Utility,


Hello TFS User’s! Testeddirmwares Team Always Share Usefull GSM Tool’s, Firmware’s And Solutions,

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MTK Auth Bypass Tool V43 All MTK META Utility,


Today I Share One Testable And Usable GSM Tool, This Tool Every Time Relase New Updates

In This MTK Meta Utility Tool Added Many New Support, Tool Develpoer Added Samsung And LG New Support…


New Changelog V43 Before Use Must Follow Guide Line:,


#MTK META Utility V43 :Samsung New Feature Added,

#force brom from download mode operation,

#without test point and added more devices.,

# In this version we don’t replace all preloader data,

#we only removed the first char of EMMC_BOOT1,

#UFS_LU0 buffer and replaced with FF.,

#added list of preloader files for most common

#Samsung MTK devices to exit brom all BITs.,


About Guide Using Samsung PIT files,


#added list of PIT files for most common

#Samsung MTK devices to exit rebuild partition table all BITs.

#Now the original PIT will be saved with the

#device model number and version to be used later for

#Rebuild PMT I Download Mode after Exit BootROM.

#The correct steps to Force/Exit BootROM mode, explained in the images below.

#After flash BL only via ODIN the device should boot

#normally to system if not booted and asked for

#VBMETA AVB verification for partitions except the preloader

#you need to flash full firmware (4 files with reparation option enabled).

#Fixed LG Preloader crash and port detection,

#the issue was caused due to two interfaces

#which are (USB MODEM & USB SERIAL),


LG devices New Feature Added MTK META Utility,


#So now you can service LG devices which,

#blocked bootrom via META Mode you can read/write,

#NV partitions and (md1img, protect partitions, proinfo).,

#Added more META mode information full list of build,

#properties which common in android devices.,

#GUI fixed and software internal functions optimized.,

#We’re still working on a solution for one click exit,

#brom mode and boot to system normally and also,

#working for KG locked devices hopefully will be ready,

#soon in near future stay tuned. We still recommend,

#using this function only for (A326B/U/W and A125F, A41),

#since these are the only devices we had in our lab.,

#a lot of users have reported that all Samsung MTK,

#devices are ok with this method, but we recommend,

#testing only with the mentioned list.,

#Please don’t try this method with :,

#KG Locked devices.,

#Devices with Sec Ctrl Status 0.,

#Tracfone devices.,


Added Samsung list of Cert files,


MTK META Utility V43 Added Samsung Mobile Many CERT File , You Use This All CERT File With

MTK META Utility V43 Tool, Download And Work Easy, This Tool Every Time Updating ….


New Added Samsung list of MDF files,

MTK META Utility V43 Tool Latest Version Added Samsung Mobile Many MDF File Support ,


MTK META Utility V43 List Of Support Brands For Brom Auth Bypass:,

#Black View

Added Dimensity Auth Bypass (SLA/DAA),

#MT6877 MediaTek (Dimensity 900 5G).,
# MT6877V/ZA MediaTek (Density 900 5G).,
# MT6877V/NZA MediaTek (Dimensity 900 5G).,
# MT6877V/TZA MediaTek (Dimensity 900 5G).,
# MT6877V/TNZA MediaTek (Dimensity 900 5G).,
# MT6883 (Dimensity 800),
# MT6883V/ZA (Dimensity 800),
# MT6883Z (Dimensity 1000C),
# MT6885 (Dimensity 1000L),
# MT6885Z (Dimensity 1000L),
# MT6889 (Dimensity 1000),
# MT6889Z (Dimensity 1000+),
# MT6890 (T750 5G-integrated SoC),
# MT6880 (Milestone Silver),

Added – Samsung New Feature MTK META Utility V43:,

* Read eMMC Dump in META MODE
* dump MTK eMMC userpart – mmcblk0 in META Mode.
* dump MTK UFS SDC in META Mode (sda – sdb – sdaxx)-
* possible to backup but not implanted yet in my SW.
* voulmes/blocks will be copied directly from
* dev/block/mmcblk0. dev/block/sdc.
* Note : in meta mode all voulmes will mounted as defualt in normal boot as
* Android Linux kernel. so you can copy what ever you want voulme/file/block. for example you can copy :

* /vendor/ueventd.rc./proc/bootdevice/ext_csd./system/build.prop.
* /etc/init/mtk_camdumpserver.rc/vendor/nvdata/md/NVRAM/NVD_IMEI/LD01_001./mnt/vendor.
* /dev/block/platform/bootdevice/by-name/frp./dev/block/mmcblkxxx.
* meansits similar to adb shell ls in root mode.
* this maybe will be helpful for devices which not allow to enter BRom mode
* and FAT/MODEM driver is much faster to copy blocks from device.
* no fake options and not working buttons :+ i hope Mediatek pacth this ASAP.



MTK META Utility Tool Free Download,

MTK META Utility v43 Tool 2022,

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