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What is a Bootloader and What is it for?

A Bootloader is one of the components that you can find in any operating system, both desktop, and mobile devices. Its mission is to do several checks before starting the operating system to make sure everything is correct, and it also gives the operating system the necessary instructions to start up.

Therefore, when you start a computer or smartphone, the Bootloader will first start to see that everything is in place. That is, the operating system components are there where they are supposed to be, and that everything can start correctly. And then it guides the operating system in what steps to take during the startup process.


For practical purposes and simplifying it so that it is easy to understand when you press the power button on your Xiaomi Redmi 3S land, it turns on. The Bootloader will be launched to load the operating system.

First, it checks the boot and recovery partitions, and if everything is correct, the operating system kernel runs to finish its initialization. And if something goes wrong, the user gets an error message explaining why the system could not start.

The bootloader can be locked or unlocked and is developed by the device manufacturer. In general, it is almost always locked, which means that it can only boot the partitions that have a digital signature from the manufacturer or operator of your mobile.

But some manufacturers also decide to give some freedom to users who buy their devices, and allow the Bootloader to be unlocked, something that in Android is usually done with a combination of keys when possible. Doing so opens the door to being able to install Custom ROMs, root your Xiaomi Redmi 3S land, and much more.

Why is it important to have the Bootloader unlocked in Xiaomi Redmi 3S land?
As we have explained a little above, by keeping the bootloader locked on Xiaomi Redmi 3S land, the manufacturer makes sure that the operating system of your Xiaomi Redmi 3S land cannot be modified.

So if this is a security measure, why is it important to allow Bootloader unlock on Android?

One of the main features of Android is freedom. Users can not only use the features provided by the manufacturer but also can bring modifications to the operating system that is installed on it.

Android has a whole internal world with so-called custom ROMs, alternative versions that have not been developed by Google or the manufacturers, but by independent groups of developers.

With them, for example, updated versions of Android can be installed when the manufacturer has already decided to stop updating a mobile operating system.

Come on, if your mobile stayed on Android 8, you could use a custom ROM to install Android 10.

Disadvantages of unlocking Bootloader on Xiaomi Redmi 3S land
You have numerous advantages on unlocking the bootloader on Xiaomi Redmi 3S land. But also we have some disadvantages on unlocking the bootloader.

The main disadvantage is that you will lose the guarantee (but like any door, just like the Bootloader unlocked, in some cases, it can be locked again to recover the guarantee, so it is not such a strong disadvantage).

All the data on your device will be wiped while the bootloader unlocking process is carried out on Xiaomi Redmi 3S land.

As you’ll see, there are more advantages than disadvantages. Personally, what I like the most is being able to enjoy any custom ROM on Xiaomi Redmi 3S land.

Prerequisites before unlocking bootloader on Xiaomi Redmi 3S land
If you have tried to unlock the bootloader earlier, then check if the bootloader is unlocked.
Check if the bootloader is unlocked in Xiaomi Redmi 3S land using dial-pad.
Check if the bootloader is unlocked in Xiaomi Redmi 3S land using PC
Take a backup of your Xiaomi Redmi 3S land so that you can recover the data that was lost from your Xiaomi Redmi 3S land during the process.
Make sure you have the original USB Cable with you.
Your Xiaomi Redmi 3S land should have a minimum 80% charge. The unlocking process may take some more time.



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