SM-A037F U1 Dead Fix Solution-Only Show MTK Port Fix Soluti

SM-A037F U1 Dead Fix Solution-Only Show MTK Port Fix Solution Os12 By[www.testedfirmwares.CoM]

SM-A037F U1 Dead Fix Solution: Only Show MTK Port Fix Solution for Os12

Encountering issues with your SM-A037F U1, particularly the frustrating “Dead” status or the device only showing MTK port? You’re not alone. This guide provides a comprehensive solution specifically tailored for Os12, aiming to revive your device and resolve the MTK port display problem.


SM-A037F U1 Dead Fix Solution
SM-A037F U1 Dead Fix Solution,

Understanding the Problem

The “Dead” status on your SM-A037F U1 and the exclusive display of MTK port often indicate a critical issue in the device’s functionality. While these problems can be alarming, a targeted solution can bring your device back to life.



SM-A037F U1 Dead Boot Recovery Solution:

Hello GSM4Ever Users! Today I Share SM-A037F U1 Os12 Dead Fix Solution, Many Times In Flashing Samsung MTK CPU Type Cell Phone Dead Mod And Show Only MTK Port. But Now I Share Full Tested Solution For All GSM Users.


SM-A037F U1 MTK Port Show Only Fix Solution

Samsung SM-A037F U1 MTK CPU And After Dead Not Work Any Tool Fixing This Without the Unlock Tool, If Normally You Tray MTK Scatter File Unlock Tool does Not Boot This, For SM-A037F U1 Dead Fix Solution does Not Use the Flash Method. Very Simple Method. Download the Preloader File From the Download Link And Extract Desktop.


How To Fix SM-A037F Dead Boot Mod,

Open Unlock Tool – Go To MTK Section And Check Mark Custom Preloader IMEI Option And Load Preloader File From Download Folder And Click DUMP Option Select MTK Scatter File And Click Flash. Connect Mobile In Test Point.. File Writing Done. Now Your Mobile On Logo. If Not Remove the Battery Cable And Again Press Both Volume Key Insert the USB Cable. Mobile Put Download Mod Now You Flash 4 Repair File .. Dead Fix Done… This 100% Tested Solution,



Os12 Compatibility

Before diving into the fix, it’s essential to note that the provided solution is crafted to align with the Os12 version. Compatibility matters in addressing device issues and this fix is designed to cater specifically to devices running Os12.



SM-A037F U1 Dead Fix Solution

Follow these steps carefully to revive your SM-A037F U1:


  1. Download Compatible Firmware: Head to the official source and download the firmware compatible with your SM-A037F U1 and Os12.
  2. Extract Firmware Files: After downloading, extract the firmware files to a location on your computer.
  3. Install MTK USB Drivers: Ensure that the MTK USB drivers are installed on your computer. These drivers facilitate communication between the computer and the device.
  4. Open SP Flash Tool: Launch the SP Flash Tool on your computer. This tool is crucial for flashing the firmware onto your device.
  5. Load Scatter File: In the SP Flash Tool, click on “Choose” and load the scatter file from the extracted firmware files.
  6. Select Download Only Option: Choose the “Download Only” option in the SP Flash Tool. This ensures that only necessary files are flashed to fix the issue.
  7. Connect Your Device: Power off your SM-A037F U1 and connect it to your computer using a USB cable. The SP Flash Tool should recognize your device.
  8. Start the Flashing Process: Click on the “Download” button in the SP Flash Tool to initiate the flashing process. This process will replace the existing firmware with the downloaded one.
  9. Wait for Completion: Allow the flashing process to complete. Once done, you’ll receive a notification indicating successful completion.
  10. Disconnect and Power On: Disconnect your device from the computer and power it on. Your SM-A037F U1 should now be revived without the “Dead” status, and the MTK port display issue should be resolved.



Additional Tips

  • Ensure Battery Level: Before starting the process, ensure that your device has sufficient battery to prevent any interruptions.
  • Backup Data: If possible, perform a backup of your important data before flashing the firmware.
  • Seek Professional Help if Unsure: If you’re uncertain about any step or lack experience in device flashing, consider seeking professional assistance to avoid further complications.




The SM-A037F U1 Dead Fix Solution, specifically addressing the “Dead” status and the exclusive display of MTK port, provides a tailored approach for devices running Os12. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can breathe new life into your device and overcome these challenging issues.




  1. Will this solution work for devices running a different OS version?
    • This solution is specifically designed for devices running Os12. Compatibility with other OS versions may vary.


  1. Can I use this fix if my device shows a different issue?
    • This fix is intended to address the “Dead” status and the display of MTK port. If your device exhibits different issues, consider seeking device-specific solutions.


  1. Is there a risk of data loss during the fix?
    • While the fix primarily focuses on resolving the mentioned issues, it’s advisable to perform a backup of important data before initiating the process to avoid potential data loss.


  1. Can I perform this fix if I’m not familiar with device flashing?
    • If you lack experience in device flashing, it’s recommended to seek professional help to ensure the process is executed correctly and without complications.



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