SM-A125F U1 Fix Black Screen Problem If Software Issue Repair Imei Firmware By[]

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SM-A125F U1 Fix Black Screen Problem If Software Issue Repair Imei Firmware By[]



how to fix a Samsung Galaxy A12 phone that has a black screen or the screen won’t turn on, however you know the phone is on maybe you feel it vibrating, getting phone calls, LED light, notifications coming in, etc but the screen still won’t come on. I give you 6 possible easy fixes. If you tried all the steps and still no go, then try every single step again 6 or 7 times. Let me know which step or combination of steps worked for you and give a like it worked, if still no go then give a dislike. At least 70% of you should have a working phone if you followed each step properly and/or done it multiple times. Good Luck!


Do a force restart hold volume down and power together, as your phone reset the screen lights up. Or you can try plug in your charger and holding volume down and power together.

Samsung A12 4GB 128GB 48MP


Samsung A12 Dead Fix After Flash Display Blank Fix


A125F U1 Fix Black Screen And Imei Repair Firmware


  • Ful Your Mobile SM-A125F U1 Download Mod

  • Download Black Screen Fixed Firmware

  • Flash With Odin3 

  • SM-A125F U1 Black Screen 100% Fixed IF SOFTWARE ISSUE




Why your Galaxy A12 is bricked


  • Flashing the wrong firmware: Each firmware available online is created and designed for a specific phone model. The problem with Samsung is that it creates multiple variants of the same phone. For example, a phone in one country has Samsung’s own Exynos chipset, while the same phone version might have the Snapdragon chipset in another country. As a result, it is always recommended to carefully check the model number of the firmware before flashing anything. If you flash a firmware designed for another phone model, your phone will get stuck in a boot loop.
  • Flashing the wrong custom ROM and kernel: The same thing applies to other files that you might flash on your phone. If you download and flash a wrong custom ROM, kernel, or any other files that are not designed for your phone, they will brick your phone.
  • Failing to wipe data & cacheSome tutorials and procedures requires the user to wipe data and perform a factory reset. For example, installing a new ROM that has a different Android version to the one your phone currently has, requires a full data factory reset. If you fail to wipe data, the phone will fail to boot up.

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