Download JTWhatsapp V9.91 APK Updated Version 2024-Fix Bannded Problem Full Safe Version

Download JTWhatsapp V9.91 APK Updated Version 2024-Fix Bannded Problem Full Safe Version

In the ever-evolving landscape of messaging apps, JTWhatsapp stands out as a reliable and feature-rich platform. With its commitment to user satisfaction and security, the recent update to V9.91 brings a host of improvements, fixing banned problems and ensuring a full safe version for users. JTWhatsapp has carved its niche as a go-to messaging app. The updated version, V9.91, not only enhances the user experience but also addresses and fixes previously encountered banned problems.


Download JTWhatsapp V9.91
Download JTWhatsapp V9.91,

What is JTWhatsApp?

JTWhatsapp has arrived at the request and comes with further options than the former interpretation. still, you might have heard that everybody has some effects that could be better. In this case, WhatsApp also needs some of the features people want.JT WhatsApp is a stylish product by Jimtech. The WhatsApp MOD has taken us one step forward with its numerous Supreme features. It has numerous features that aren’t available in the original WhatsApp. It also comes with the Anti Ban latest Features that will report you as being banned. Continue reading below, you’ll get complete information and access to the direct download option of JTWhatsApp.



What is JT Whatsapp APK?

Because JT Whatsapp isn’t a sanctioned interpretation of WhatsApp and is a third-party app developed by inventors, it isn’t available on the Google Play Store for Android. To use JT Whatsapp, you need to have an APK train of JTWA, which is called JT Whatsapp APK. You can fluently download JT Whatsapp in APK format from the button handed in the installation companion section. Before downloading JT Whatsapp, make sure you gain the APK train from a safe and trusted third-party source WhatsApp provides you with the safe train of JTWA. You can also partake in the streamlined interpretation of JT Whatsapp with your business associates, musketeers, and family members.


JTWhatsapp V9.91 Features

Different Languages

When you’re about to install Download JTWhatsapp V9.91, after attesting your number, JTWhatsApp will ask you which language you want to use. You can elect any language of your choice. The language change setting option is also available in the settings of JT WhatsApp V9.91.



Restore Provisory

Whenever you modernize your JT WhatsApp or install a fresh dupe, you’ll see a backup option. However, you may have a backup that you can recoup, If you have the former old interpretation of JT WhatsApp. also, you can perform a backup of your filmland, lines, and media.



Aeroplane Mode

It’s a main general setting option and is available on all performances of WhatsApp. The inventors of the JT app have added this point to give a better stoner experience when they want to avoid someone, as it’s obligatory and necessary for every person.



Dark and white theme

Change the theme of JTWhatsapp to any theme. To snappily change the JT theme, simply tap on the moon icon on the main screen and select the dark or white mode. You can also set it manually and explore multiple theme options from the JTWhatsapp advanced settings.



Contact Text Colours

The capability to change contact colors, handbooks, and text size is a value-added point of the JTWhatsapp APK. any Android device user can customize the color of each contact according to their preference. Using pleasing colors enhances the overall messaging app experience.



JT Themes

JT Whatsapp APK allows druggies to download, cargo, save, restore, and cancel themes. This is a superb addition to the rearmost interpretation. The theme cargo function isn’t available in the original WhatsApp.



Universal Settings

The universal settings of the JTWhatsapp app allow druggies to change the look and style of the app. The option to have an iOS look is also available in the universal settings. also, you can change the advertisement icon as well.



Sources Customization

The free JT Whatsapp app allows you to load further custom sources and styles. druggies can now add or load custom sources according to their choice. colorful fountain types are available in the app and you can also upload a fountain of your choice.



Hide Media from Gallery

numerous people don’t want to show their gallery to the person who’s using their mobile phone. To break this problem, JT Whatsapp allows druggies to hide media from the gallery. This will cover the sequestration of the proprietor and your media will also be safe.


Color Choices

You can change colors far and wide with the universal action bar textbook. Background color options are also handed in. The status bar option and navigation bar colors option can also be changed using the color tools settings.




Add a recovery questions option when applying pattern security in the JTWhatsApp setting. You can change the cinch or pattern anytime from the JTWA security settings. This way, you can make the pattern unnoticeable.


Home Screen

Customize the title and footer. You can also set a floating amazing action button. View story toasts and know directly when someone views your status. Enable or disable contact settings online manually, just like WhatsApp.



Use the Original One

If you use JTWhatsapp V9.91 on a device Yes, the App works with the original Whatsapp App, and it’s possible to run the App on one Android phone. Astonishingly, you can have two WhatsApp accounts on one phone.



Customize Your Text

The fascinating point of this App is that it allows druggies to alter the fountain’s size and style to suit their preferences. Other features for customizing textbooks are accessible. This point isn’t present in any other global communication app.



Shoot Large Vids

When using traditional Whatsapp, it’s insolvable to upload large vids, which are a nuisance for numerous druggies. In this operation, it’s possible to partake in vids with a size of 30 MB. This is profitable if you upload videos regularly.



Shoot lines in Original Quality

You may have noticed the quality of the train decreases when you partake in any videotape or image through WhatsApp. This is why JT WhatsApp app inventors added an option that allows participating in any train without damaging its quality.



Secret Sequestration Features

This point is part of JT WhatsApp v9.91 the great list of features. The primary magnet for WhatsApp applies to its amazing sequestration features. The JTWhatsApp sequestration options allow you to block your last seen and hide double- cracks offline and online. You can also secure every converse by setting encryption on all exchanges. But JTWhatsApp includes an erected-in-app cinch.




Custom Call Block

still, this point is perfect for you If you’d rather not have someone from your connections reaching out to you on WhatsApp via calls. You can block the calling option specifically for that person. And then there’s the perk they won’t indeed be apprehensive that you’ve blocked them. While they can still shoot you dispatch on WhatsApp, their calling function will be confined.



Voice Changer

Get ready for some laughs with JTWhatsApp’s stupendous point – the voice changer! You can turn your voice into funny effects like a joe, a girl, a robot, and more. It’s a good point there in the app’s voice changer. Your musketeers will be super impressed because they won’t have seen anything like it ahead. Have a blast showing off this cool point!



Bulk Communication Scheduler

Tired of codifying out dispatches or dealing with a huge list of musketeers? Or perhaps you frequently want to communicate with someone at a specific time, but your busy schedule gets in the way? Well, then’s the result you’ve been looking for! Introducing the scheduling point. Now you can painlessly record multiple dispatches to be transferred at precise times. No more forgetting or juggling time zones – your dispatches will be delivered right on schedule.



Security and Privacy Download JTWhatsapp V9.91

Security And Privacy JTWhatsapp V9.91
Security And Privacy JTWhatsapp V9.91,

Indurate Last Seen

The snap of the last seen point helps us ameliorate our sequestration if anyone wants to hide their online presence time.


Anti View Formerly

Anti-View Once ” is a great sequestration addition to JTWhatsApp that allows druggies to view media again and again, despite the “ View Once ” restriction.


Who Can Call You

Anyone using JT WhatsApp v9.91 can control who can call them by customizing this setting in menu options.



Custom Download JTWhatsapp V9.91 Sequestration

JT sequestration options are amazing to use. All the customization settings and privacy options are given under the security and sequestration settings.



Hide View Status

still, “ Hide View ” is a great addition to all WhatsApp performances, If you don’t want your musketeers to see that you viewed their status.



Show Or Hide Blue Crack

Just like the sanctioned WhatsApp, anyone with the JTWhatsApp APK can control whether to show or hide the blue crack to strengthen their sequestration.


Apply iOS Look

Go to the Universal settings option of the JTWhatsapp V9.91 app. Then, you’ll see numerous options similar to WhatsApp look and iOS look. Tap on the iOS look option, and it’ll download the iOS-style interface. Automatically, your JTWhatsApp app will borrow the look of iOS



More Advanced Features of Download JTWhatsapp V9.91


  • Translate Chats Update.
  • Set the default translation language in the JTWhatsApp V9.91 app.
  • Make a chat conversation card and hide the Blue ticks option.
  • Disable head-up notifications in JTWhatsApp V9.91 settings.
  • Enable or disable audio playing notifications.
  • Increase JTWhatsApp V9.91 chats forward limit up to 260.
  • Enable or disable the always online option.
  • Load JTWhatsApp Themes.
  • Turn on or off Tenor/GIF.
  • Clear all JTWhatsApp logs.
  • Set manually image quality to send.
  • Disable the image share limit option.
  • Disable double tap reaction from bubble and tick settings of JTWhatsApp V9.91 APK.
  • Change the conversation background image.
  • Hide the date and time when copying two messages in the chat.
  • Enable the proximity sensor option.
  • Download the JTWhatsApp Business Plus option from inside in app.
  • Share Mechat game characters with your friends list.
  • Change colors, contact name, and text colors.



Download JTWhatsapp V9.91 Security Feature

Lock JTWhatsapp

Are you concerned about your sequestration? Do you sweat that if someone were to find your phone uncorked, they might read your WhatsApp dispatches? We have a result for you. Download our sanctioned JTWhatsApp APK from the link handed below and enhance your security features. To enable this point go to “JTWhatsapp settings> sequestration & Security ” You can lock your WhatsApp by Leg, Pattern, and Fingerprint.




JTWhatsApp offers a plethora of customization features. You can epitomize multitudinous rudiments similar as the Converse screen, home screen, and much further. fresh details about the customization options are handed below


Home Screen Customization

Pepitomize your home screen according to your preferences. transfigure your WhatsApp interface to act Instagram, iOS themes, and more. There are a variety of customization features awaiting you once you download the JTWhatsApp APK. Explore them and make your messaging experience uniquely yours.


Chat Screen Customization

Tired of the traditional WhatsApp Converse screen? If the answer is yes, also consider downloading the JTWhatsApp mod APK. This will allow you to elevate your Converse screen with fresh customization features, furnishing a new and innovative messaging experience.

  • Select your preferred checkmark – Show your individuality with a range of crack choices!
  • Customize your profile picture – Share the authentic you with your musketeers!
  • Embrace emojis – Immerse yourself in a realm of passions with an expansive variety of suggestive emoticons!
  • Enjoy interactive hyperlinks – Share links in a whole new way through our stoner-friendly and engaging interface!



Intriguing Features Download JTWhatsapp V9.91

  • You can upload the train in any format, including Docx, txt zip, PPT, pdf, croaker, vcard, pdf, etc.
  • You’ll also be able to see the state of the person you’re drooling with.
  • You can hide your last online status, but you can look up the last seen of other friends.
  • It lets you use GIFs or amped Emojis to help make exchanges more specific and scrutable.
  • When you download this App for Android, You’ll be suitable to partake in a single communication with five different druggies at the same time.
  • It has a wide variety of stickers lot of the collection
  • You can hide your blue crack
  • announcement pops when anyone sees your profile snap.
  • Multiple languages supported
  • Anti-Ban point( If you don’t over spam)
  • Use Multiple WhatsApp accounts on a single device.



How to Install Download JTWhatsapp V9.91?

  • After downloading the rearmost JTWhatsapp operation, just click on the install option
  • It’ll begin to install.
  • After installing, give authorization to the app to pierce your phone connections and media.
  • App will now install all the features, just after attesting your number.
  • Now, enjoy the new interpretation of  JTwhatsapp and use the app’s ultimate features.


Download JTWhatsapp V9.91 New Interpretation Update

  • The new update of WhatsApp V9.91
  • Bugs to9.71,9.72,9.83 and 9.85 interpretations are fixed.
  • This new update comes up with new and advanced features.
  • Bugs of old performances of JT WhatsApp are fixed.
  • APK train size 62 MB and base update is2.23.9.75
  • Android 11 druggies can coagulate media.
  • shoot audio and media lines up to 100 MB.
  • A new iOS-style Emoji pack was added.
  • Edit dispatches with ease.
  • druggies can now admit projected dispatches.
  • JTWhatsapp9.92 coming soon.



Download JTWhatsapp V9.91 V/S Official WhatsApp

Feature WhatsappJT WHATSAPP Update
Airplane Mode X
Status Character Length Maximum 260 Maximum 139
DND Mode X
Disable Forwarded Tag X
Anti-Delete Status/Messages X
Hide Online Status X
Add Custom Fonts/Stickers X
Themes Supported X
Freeze Last Seen X
Disable/Customize Calling X
Security Lock X
Auto Update



Download JTWhatsapp V9.91 APK Latest Version


Name JTWhatsApp
Version 9.91
Size 72.53 MB
Platform Android
Requirement 5.0+
MOD Feature Anti-Ban


Download JTWhatsApp V9.91 APK 2024
Download JTWhatsApp V9.91 APK 2024,


What’s New Download JTWhatsapp V9.91


Base Update2.23.21.88

  • Added Ghost Mode While Ghost Mode is active, your conduct will be unnoticeable to everyone. Your last seen is firmed, other people will suppose you didn’t admit the dispatches, opened dispatches won’t turn blue, and you can view statuses intimately.
  • Add Custom Media Download control for each Converse
  • Added WhatsApp Old UI style( JiMODs> Home> title> Home UI Style)
  • Add See Communication Edit History( after installing V9.91)
  • Added Option to show hide ghost mode icon
  • Add Antiban advancements
  • Enabled Multiple Accounts on the same bias
  • Enable Acclimate Group warrants
  • Enabled New Settings UI
  • Enable produce profile@username, stay for garçon activation
  • Enabled Add Dispatch Address to your account( Settings> Account)
  • Enable the Option to authorize new group members before joining
  • Enabled Media Preview point
  • Enable Return original tabs order
  • Moved Light/ Night mode option to JiMODs> JThemes
  • Fixed Custom sequestration for Business Chats
  • Fix the Date Bubble not showing easily when scrolling
  • Fixed Screen share button color in calls
  • Fix Some textbooks not showing on the white theme during calls.
  • Misc General bug fixes
  • Enjoy and discover by yourself!
  • Other fixes and advancements


Temporary Banned” Timer Solution In JT Whatsapp V9.91

Temporary Banned” Timer Solution In JT Whatsapp V9.91
Temporary Banned” Timer Solution In JT Whatsapp V9.91,

If you are facing a Temporary Banned timer in your JT WhatsApp V9.91 then follow the below instructions carefully, you will not lose any of your important data.

  • First of all, take full backup( Mod Settings and JTWhatsApp Settings)
  • Now Uninstall JTWhatsApp from your Android device
  • Now download the rearmost interpretation from the below download link
  • Now Install and Open the latest version of JTWhatsApp
  • Now Restore your data, and you won’t have any Temporary Banned problems in your JTWhatsApp mod App.


Screenshots JTWhatsapp V9.91

Download JTWhatsapp V9.91 Latest Version 2024,
Download JTWhatsapp V9.91 Latest Version 2024,
Download JTWhatsapp V9.91 Fix Version,
Download JTWhatsapp V9.91 Fix Version,
Download JTWhatsapp V9.91 Latest Update Version,
Download JTWhatsapp V9.91 Latest Update Version,
Download JTWhatsapp V9.92 Latest Version 2024,
Download JTWhatsapp V9.92 Latest Version 2024,
Download JTWhatsapp V9.92 New Version,
Download JTWhatsapp V9.92 New Version,
Download JTWhatsapp V9.92 Anti-Banded Version,
Download JTWhatsapp V9.92 Anti-Banded Version,



Download JTWhatsapp V9.91 is an amazing volition to the original WhatsApp Messenger for people who want to have a more individualized chatting and calling experience for colorful reasons. I’ve tried and tested all the features of the JTWA app, and it’s incredibly good. It’ll surely dumbfound you because of its important tools. Another plus point of JTWhatsapp is that it provides further features than any other modified WhatsApp performances like Download JTWhatsapp V9.91, MBWhatsApp, KBWhatsApp, GBWhatsApp, and Fouad WhatsApp.



FAQs JTWhatsapp V9.91


What’s JTWhatsApp APK Jimods?

JTWhatsApp APK is a modified interpretation of WhatsApp developed by Ji inventors, who have added multitudinous features to the app.

Can I download JT WhatsApp on iOS?

You can only use JT WhatsApp on an Android device and can not use it on an iPhone. still, you can download the iOS theme from the settings and enjoy it on Android.


Is the JT WhatsApp app free to use?

Yes, it’s fully free with fresh functions.


Is JT WhatsApp APK safe?

Always download JTWhatsApp from a safe and dependable source to ensure that it doesn’t harm your device. still, it’s important to note that using modified apps always carries some position of threat.


How to safely download JT WhatsApp?

First, ensure you get a trusted source also, click on the download button and safely install JTWhatsApp.


How can I get JT WhatsApp Plus?

JTWhatsApp and JTWhatsApp Plus are the same because they give superb features in this ultramodern world.


What do I Need to Upgrade JTWhatsApp?

Stay connected to our point for the most recent Download JTWhatsapp V9.91.However, you must ensure that JT WhatsApp has a streamlined interpretation If running an old interpretation.


Do you suppose JT WhatsApp is secure?

Yes, the App is indeed safe to download on Android. We’ve anatomized this operation using our antivirus software and also downloaded it to our Android phones. colorful unsafe sources could harm your phone when you download the train.


How Can I Customize Themes in JTWhatsapp V9.91?

Personalize your messaging experience with step-by-step theme customization.


What Measures Are Taken to Address Privacy Concerns?

Learn about the privacy-centric features ensuring your data stays yours.


Can I Retrieve Deleted Messages in JTWhatsapp V9.91?

Uncover the options available for message recovery in this version.


Are There Any Known Bugs in JTWhatsapp V9.91?

Stay informed about potential bugs and how to handle them.


What Should I Do If I Encounter Issues After the Update?

Troubleshooting tips to navigate any challenges post-update.


What are the old performances of JT WhatsApp?

The old performances of JTWhatsApp were JT9.60,9.62,9.63,9.65,9.66,9.70 and 9.71.

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